Orlando Audiologist, Ear Doctor & Hearing Specialist

Hearing loss typically happens gradually, most people don’t realize it is even happening. Which is why it is known as the ‘invisible’ health problem. Recent research has uncovered crucial links between serious health issues and [...]

Orlando Ears, Nose & Throat, Facts About Ear Infections and Avoiding Them

Anyone with a child with an ear infection knows just how bad it can be. The pain, fever, discomfort, crying, trouble sleeping, hearing problems, fluid draining, the list goes on and on. Recurring and chronic [...]

Common Causes of Sinus & Allergy Problems in Orlando

Orlando residents are all too familiar with Central Florida’s roadways. Everything typically goes along just fine, that is until you run into construction or a traffic accident. Not only is it frustrating, it can ruin [...]

Allergies in Orlando, Know the Facts & Get Relief

Are watery, itchy eyes and runny nose, making your life miserable? You’re not alone, seasonal allergies affect over 50 million Americans. According to the CDC they are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness. Do [...]