Helping Kids with Stress

It's the start of a new school year! Parents may rejoice sending kids back to school, but for the kids themselves it can be a stressful time. During the school year, both coursework and social [...]

Symptoms of a Broken Nose

Sports and roughhousing can easily lead to a nose being accidentally smashed. A sudden impact to the nose is the most common way to break it. Everyone is at some small risk for a broken nose. [...]

Exercise to Ease Hearing Loss

Many people suffer some kind of hearing loss, especially as they age. Hearing loss can make social situations very difficult and may lead to feelings of isolation and depression. While most hearing loss is irreversible, [...]

How to Clean Your Ears

How to clean the ears is one of the most common question our audiologists get. It's important to remember that earwax is a natural and important part of the body. Earwax traps dirt and debris, [...]