Breastfeeding Positions and Tips

It's not uncommon for new mothers to have some difficulty breastfeeding. Learning how to position baby's head, mouth, throat, and body may feel awkward at first for new mothers and it can be difficult to [...]

Treat Hearing Loss for Better Relationships

Social interactions are a part of everyday life. Work, simple errands, religious services, sporting events, home life and outings with family and friends, these are things that fill our days and help us to feel [...]

Heart and Ear Health Go Together

You've probably never thought about your heart's affect on your hearing, but there's plenty of research that shows that your cardiovascular system can impact your ear health. In other words, the stronger your heart, the [...]

Thin or Thick? Post-Nasal Drip

Glands in the throat and nose naturally produce secretions. One to two quarts per day of mucus are typically produced daily, working to moisten and clean the nasal membranes, clear out infection and foreign matter, [...]