Hearing Test
  • All tests will be discussed during your office visit.
  • A copy of all test results is available upon request.
  • Our 5-10 minute routine hearing test evaluates the integrity of multiple parts of the ear and the ability of the patient to understand speech.
  • More in-depth auditory (hearing) and vestibular (balance) tests are available as needed. These tests may take several hours.



Our audiologists are all doctoral level practitioners experienced with patients of all ages. They are present everyday to assist the physicians in evaluating and documenting the inner workings of the ear.

Our Professionals
Amy Lambeth, Au.D.
Kim Sandlin, Au.D.
Kelly Bilbruck, Au.D.
Julie Markiewicz, Au.D.
Stacy Warnock, M.S.

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid
Our certified audiologists are certified to fit and dispense the latest hearing aid technology. You may select from many styles including customized ear plugs. Any of our audiologists are available for private consultation by appointment. Please call our office and ask for the audiology department for more information.
NOTE: Many insurance companies do not cover hearing aid costs; please check with us before your appointment as different options are often available.